All I have left in me

I knew it when she entered the door,
Your smile became a little bit wider,
You held my hand a little bit stronger,
And you pushed me a little bit closer.
I knew it you wanted to show her,
To prove her that you two was over,
But deep down you knew the truth:
Stuck on her you just can’t move.

I don’t blame you, no not at all,
My good intentions were not enough.
You just wanted somebody to use,
And that’s why you chose me,
But baby I ain’t got nothing to lose
I always showed you the real me.
Although it hurts, I understand
Even a loving woman can’t keep a man.

Sometimes I.. I wonder why
You chose my heart, you chose mine.
And some nights I.. I can’t stop to cry
‘Cause I feel the hurt and it destroys me.
I wish I could move on.. Well you ain’t no special lullaby.
But I still remember you, everytime you haunt me.
I should hate you for the things you has putting me through,
But despite the fact that you broke me, I think I.. I still love you.

You had my dreams in the palms of your hand,
And you crashed them, you wrecked them so beautifully.
And still I wish I could go back to when you were faking loving me.
Don’t you know that I’m a sucker for love?
Can’t you see that I’m sick for you love?
On this I sound pathetic and you don’t even give a shit,
                                                              But I needed to write down my feelings.. At least I’m trying.
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4 Replies to “All I have left in me”

  1. I lost my love, but I still love him

    1. I feel you. I have my love too its been 7 years now and I still Love him.

  2. 👌🏾👍🏾

  3. Wow c’est magnifiquement triste
    Ou tristement beau
    Mais j adore

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